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I am Miss Eva Amore. I am your resident drag zombie. Your post apocalyptic princess! Love me or, hate me. I am beautiful. No one will bring me down because, there isn't anything in life I can't climb my way out of! I live life with an iron fist of love.

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Lots of New Submissions for 2012!

Posted by msevaamore - February 4th, 2012

I am turning it out for 2012. There will be several new submissions! Thank you to everyone who has voted,listened to,downloaded and, reviewed on my music. :) As a way of saying thank you I will give you the full list of what is to come right now! <3

- Genesis Revived
- Rolling Thunder
- Neon Sky
- Armageddon
- Rainbow Euphoria
- The Dullahan
- Post Apocalyptic Princess
- Banshee Woman
- Love Conquers All
- Inferno
- Are You Ready
- I Own The World
- Boom
- On A Mission
- The Birth of Evil
- Shadows
- Blood Bath
- Rainbow Kid
- Firefly
- Champagne Acid
- Espionage
- Haus of Amore
- Let The Bass Go
- Shut Your Eyes
- Lune
- Autumn Leaves
- Haunted (Cybertooth Remix)
- Welcome to Bubbleland
- A Golden Age
- Flames of Glory (Sparkles Edit)
- Raise The Roof (Sparkles Edit)
- Ghosts
- Monster (Sparkles Edit)

Happy Listening! Once again. Thank you :D- Your resident drag zombie

Lots of New Submissions for 2012!

Comments (4)

Good luck with your music. Ill check it out when I get a decent internet connection.
..have to state my disagreement wih what you said about crossdressers a while back. Some crossdressers have probably said negative things about drag queens too though and neither of you would know just why the other does what they do so I understand. Let's just try not to generalize people..

Thank you! I hope you enjoy it but, can you please speak to me privately about these things? I don't like drama on my page. Call me out in private from now on okay? The only reason we drag queens don't like being a cross dresser in the first place is because people misunderstand us when they use it. They label us and, hurt us. Its a very personal thing. -Eva

wow thanks! I love when people make submissions for me. people seem to be doing it a lot in the past month or so, i dont know why, but thanks lol

xD You silly goose :P

Woo! :D

:D >:3

Sorry didn't mean to. Thanks for being kind about it.

Your welcome. I never mean any harm. :) <3 ~huggles~ :3